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What Do HENRYs Want? by Pam Danziger

What Do HENRYs Want? by Pam Danziger
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"What Do HENRYs Want? by Pam Danziger"
Reaching the Most Important Affluent Demographic — High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet
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Author: Danziger, Pamela N.
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New mini-book executive summary

by speaker, author and luxury marketing expert, Pam Danziger

Gain new insights and understanding about the HENRYs, the high-earners-not-rich-yet householders, who are the new mass-market consumers with above average discretionary spending budgets, and your future target market for luxury brands.

This mini-book is a quick and concise overview of the HENRYs, why this new demographic is important to brands and how to connect with these high-spending customers who are so poorly understood by marketers serving both the mass market and the luxury markets. The booklet includes a look at brands, including two in-depth case studies, that are capturing the brand loyalty, and spending power, of the HENRY customer.

Now in its second edition, this executive summary includes:

  • Who Are the HENRYs?
  • Meet the HENRYs: The New Middle-Market Customer and Gatekeepers to the Emerging Luxury Market
  • Branding in New Luxury Style for HENRYs
    • Case Study: How Suitsupply Has HENRYs’ Needs Covered Today & Tomorrow
  • Marketing to HENRYs: How Marketers Do It Right
    • Case Study: How ALEX AND ANI Combines Mass & Class Marketing to Capture HENRYs
  • Take the Next Steps to Connect with HENRYs

(32 pages, paperback, executive report; ISBN 978-0-692492-80-2; 2015)

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