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The Great Tween Buying Machine

The Great Tween Buying Machine
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"The Great Tween Buying Machine"
Marketing to today's tweens
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Author: Siegel, Livingston, and Coffey
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by David Siegel, Tim Coffey, and Greg Livingston

This groundbreaking book was the first to define the tween's market and differentiate it from younger children and teens. Older tweens (age 10 and 11) are 50 percent older than younger tweens (8 to 9). Too old to be a "kid," too young to be a teen.

Too old to want to be totally dependent on their parents; too young to have a work permit. Tweens don't fit easily into any category, but they have the power to create a $100 million brand.

Today's tweens live a sophisticated, well informed, well connected, and quite different life from their older brothers and sisters.

Tweens are at the epicenter of the Internet, at home and at school. It has changed their expectations, the way they communicate, the way they do schoolwork, and the way they shop. This book will help you keep up.

Learn why boys are more often featured in commercials targeting tweens. Discover why tween girls love Limited Too and the extent to which moms listen to their tween children's requests for food products. Discover why so many kid products lose favor after age 10.

This is the best assessment of tweens and the universe they live in. Discover how to market to tweens, from research to product development, and from packaging to advertising to winning promotions.

(225 pages, paperback, ISBN 0-9671439-6-9;  2001)

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The Great Tween Buying Machine
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