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Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Paramount Market Publishing considers proposals for books about marketing, market segments, and market research. We do not publish fiction, poetry, or memoirs.

We look for books by experienced practitioners who have what we term "wisdom and insight" about a topic. The writer may use census data, reports from public sources or his or her consumer or business research, but these data will be surrounded by the author's own observations and experience.

We are looking for clear prose and actionable strategies. Our books are not theoretical, but are derived from actual experience in the marketplace. Books may be about a specific market segment. Look on our website at titles such as  The New SuperConsumer  Mom+Kid, The Kids Market: Myths and Realities; Marketing to American Latinos, and What's Black About It?.

We also publish books about  specific marketing and market research techniques such as Moderating to the Max, The Mirrored Window, RFID: Improving the Customer Experience, Choice Modeling, and Dominators, Cynics, and Wallflowers

Book topics that we currently have under contract include human resources and special needs, green marketing, and South Asians in the U.S.

In order to decide whether to consider a book for publication, we need to see a proposal that includes

  • a book title
  • chapter titles
  • a summary of the contents, by chapter
  • the author's background and relevant experience
  • what other books on this topic exist in the marketplace
  •  who the author thinks will be the audience for the book
  • A sample chapter is  helpful, but not required.

If we like a proposal, we will speak with the author at greater length and propose terms of a contract. Many of our authors are consultants and researchers whose main aim in publishing a book is to gain credibility in the marketplace.  A book is an excellent business card. Unlike many other publishers, we give our authors exceptionally good discounts on their books so that  they are  an economical tool to use in marketing their  own businesses.

Paramount editors and designers spend a lot of time refining a manuscript once it is received. Our aim is to produce highly accessible books that are designed for easy reading. Ideally, a reader will be able to find some useful piece of information on each page.

Once a book is published, Paramount markets and distributes it, giving as much author support as possible. Your book will be listed on Amazon as well as on other online bookstores and in the PMP bookstore.

Paramount also has experience packaging books for authors who would like to self-publish. Call  to discuss pricing for this option.

Book proposals should be sent to:

Doris Walsh

Editorial Director

Paramount Market Publishing, Inc.

274 N. Goodman St. STE D-214

Rochester, NY 14607

or email to:

And, thank you for your interest in Paramount Market Publishing.