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The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires by David Harris

The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires by David Harris
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"The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires by David Harris"
How to Get Better Information for Better Decisions
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Author: Harris, David F.
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Here's a book that will be useful to everyone involved in planning, writing, and revising questionnaires. You may write questionnaires yourself or you may hire others to write them. You may need questionnaires for measuring customer satisfaction, assessing new market opportunities, collecting information on your brand, getting opinions about health care, measuring employee engagement, or any number of other information-gathering research projects.

The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires offers a comprehensive framework for writing questionnaires that begins with planning research to support decision-making, conducting qualitative research, and planning the questionnaire before you begin writing questions.

Author, David Harris then provides guidelines for the three most common tasks researchers ask respondents: selecting items from a list, rating items on a scale, and answering open-ended questions. In these sections, you will learn how to make questions clear, answerable, easy, and unbiased.

Additional sections of the book discuss how to properly pretest a questionnaire. Throughout the book readers will learn how respondents misinterpret seemingly well-written questions and see examples of how these questions could be rewritten to avoid misinterpretation and bias.

Whatever your role, this book will help you deliver accurate information that will support better decision making.

(220 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-0615917672; 2014)

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