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Coffey, Siegel, and Smith

Coffey, Siegel, and Smith
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Tim Coffey (left)

His father an engineer, his mother a choir director and teacher, and himself a musician turned researcher, turned marketer, turned entrepreneur, ever the Gemini in both spirit and mind, Tim is the quintessential left and right dual-dominant brain-type.

Dave Siegel

Thirty-five years ago, Dave Siegel wrote a Master's Thesis on "Why New Products Fail." Who knew that this would be his ultimate calling. He is a sought-after expert by the national and international media, and is co-author of The Great Tween Buying Machine and Marketing to the New Superconsumer—Mom & Kid. He has spoken on innovation to conferences as far away as Singapore, Australia, and Brazil.

Mark A. Smith

Mark Smith started his career in new product ideation by taking a chainsaw to a dictionary, just to see what would happen. He continued on this path for years, wearing spiffy suits, while learning how to turn insights into ideas, ideas into innovations, and innovations into new products. From the "One Show Pencil" to The Pro Awards, he's got the honors to prove it.

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