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After Sixty by Leslie M. Harris and Michelle Edelman

After Sixty by Leslie M. Harris and Michelle Edelman
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"After Sixty by Leslie M. Harris and Michelle Edelman"
Marketing to Baby Boomers Reaching Their Big Transition Years, introduction by Lori Bitter
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Author: Edelman, Michelle
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Leslie M. Harris and Michelle Edelman, editors

As Baby Boomers reach their sixties, they are facing some of the biggest transitions and challenges of their lives. In this sequel to the widelly read book, After Fifty, co-editors Les Harris and Michelle Edelman take a look at the industries that will be most affected by the aging Boomer market segment. You will learn how boomers are redefining many existing notions of "health" and which methods are most effective for healt-care marketers and others trying to appeal to the powerful boomer segment.

Contributors, their companies, and their chapters include:

  • Michelle Edelman, NYCA, The Marketing Generation Gap, Why Leading-Edge Boomers are Starting to Hate Your Marketing
  • Theodore L. Reed, The Reed Group, Standards of Living for Leading-Edge Boomers, Does the Disappearing Middle Class Impact Them Too? and How Leading Edge Baby Boomers will Transform the Economy
  • Anne Deveereux and Jennifer Chanowitz, TBWAWorldHealth, LLNS and BBDO, Boomer Women, Putting the "Care" in Health Care
  • Ron Paul and Rita Negrete, Techomic, Inc., Baby Boomers and Fast Food, No Slowing Down
  • Pat Conroy and Ajit Kambil, Deloitte & Touce, Wealth With Wisdom, Serving the Needs of Aging Consumers
  • Sheila Reilly, Reilly Group, Earning, Savings, Investing, Spending, Managing Money, Into the Home Stretch, or Once More Around the Track?
  • C. Troy Shaver, Jr., Dividend Growth Advisors, The Great Investment Boom
  • Owen Jenkins, Kadence International Research Group, Retiring the Human Resource
  • Richard J. Anthony Sr. and Christine Crosby, The Solutions Network Inc. and Grand Media, LLC, Boomer Grandparents, A Hidden Market—Until Now
  • Matt Thornhill and John Martin, Boomer Project, Southeastern Institute of Research, Ten Industries that Aging Boomers Will Transform
  • Dick Stroud,, Marketing Myopia-U.K. Style, U.K. Companies are Ignoring the Biggest Marketing Opportunity of the Decade

(190 pages, hardcover, ISBN  978-0-9786602-0-8; 2006)

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