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The Advertising On-Ramp by Belle Frank

The Advertising On-Ramp by Belle Frank
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"The Advertising On-Ramp by Belle Frank"
Tips on how to get Your First Advertising Job
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Author: Frank, Belle
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The Advertising On-Ramp provides strategies readers can use to make their job prospecting more effective. It also serves as a source of emotional support for job seekers, which is increasingly needed in these complicated economic times.

This book is a must-read for college seniors and new graduates in communications, marketing, and advertising, or those in liberal arts who want to move into those fields. Belle Frank is responsible for hiring, and her book draws on her experience to address many issues that marketing professionals have encountered when interviewing and hiring.

The Advertising On-Ramp
is also important for professionals in the marketing business who are responsible for attracting and developing new talent as well as those who are advising graduates about career choices.

(120 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-9851795-1-9; May 2013)

About the author: Belle Frank

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