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The Blockbuster Toy

The Blockbuster Toy
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"The Blockbuster Toy"
A great source for anyone who wants to understand how toys make their special impact on child development
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Next holiday season, make your toy the must-have

by Gene Del Vecchio

Toys are a significant part of popular culture. They reflect us and in many ways help shape us. Americans spend more than $30 billion each year on toys, and toy-advertising expenditures top a billion dollars annually. Every holiday season brings throngs of parents into stores, looking for the must-have toy of  the season.

The Blockbuster Toy explores the birth of today's massive toy brands to better understand why they have become record-breaking bestsellers. Gene Del Vecchio shows you what it takes to create a toy that will have a massive impact on the cultural landscape.

Designed to help toymakers "follow the smile," this book includes the "how-to" you need to know to make your toy the next "must-have." It's also an insightful peek into the toy world for all those intrigued to know the secrets that impact everyday pop culture.

(260 pages, paperback, ISBN 1-58980-122-9; 2003)


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