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A Knight's Code of Business by Gene DelVecchio

A Knight's Code of Business by Gene DelVecchio
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"A Knight's Code of Business by Gene DelVecchio"
Ethical mistakes in the workplace with case studies
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Author: Del Vecchio, Gene
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by Gene Del Vecchio

Moral values were a key issue in the 2008 U.S. election. Yet many people do not really understand moral values in the corporate context. How can you make sure you adhere to the proper moral values in the office? Learn the 14 Basic Principles of the Knight's Code and avoid being one of the not-so "smartest guys in the room."

Incorporating moral values into corporate behavior is one way to make sure that there are no missteps. This clever and insightful book reveals the depth and breadth of high moral character and competence in the corporate world. The good news? The corporate world, by and large, is in good shape on the moral values question. The bad news? The bad apples number enough to make the rest of us vulnerable to their whims and make the rest of the world think there are no moral values in the U.S.

A Knight's Code of Business is one of the first books written in the aftermath of high-profile disasters such as Enron and WorldCom and its lessons seem even more relevant after the excesses of Wall Street and U.S. financial institutions.  It presents both the misadventures that befall corporations, as well as guidance to help upcoming managers avoid those missteps and reset their moral compasses for today's diverse and complex work environment.

A Knight's Code of Business is a fun and insightful read. The lessons discussed come from the author's 20+ years of experience, stories contributed by nearly two dozen other business professionals all across America, and a  survey of marketing executives.

(248 pp., hardcover, ISBN 0-9725290-0-4; 2003)

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