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The Art of Strategic Interviewing by William E. Miller

The Art of Strategic Interviewing by William E. Miller
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"The Art of Strategic Interviewing by William E. Miller"
Good interviewing starts with skilled interviewers. Save money, morale, and heartache for both hiring managers and job candidates.
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Author: Miller, William E.
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by William E. Miller

Cornell University research found that the cost of employee turnover is 150 percent of a manager's annual salary and 30 percent of an hourly employee's annual income. A good hiring system staffed with skilled interviewers is your best defense against these risks.

Companies need candid discussion and facts to make good hiring decisions. Getting honest and thorough answers isn't easy. It takes skill. Organizations that hire well create an environment that facilitates open conversation between job candidates and interviewers.
Excellent interviewers have the skill of discernment. They can separate "fact from fantasy." Discernment is a "trainable" skill, and William E. Miller, founder of Performance Leadership, LLC uses a unique framework to help interviewers develop and improve their "judgment calls."

This pithy read helps interviewers understand the economic cycles they are dealing with, how to avoid biases when interviewing, how to make decisions that give full consideration to competency and compatibility. In 99 pages and 9 short chapters, you will learn:

Economic Cycles and Hiring

The Importance of the interviewer

Hiring and Leadership Style

Interviewer Bias and how to avoid it

Setting Objectives for the Interview

Three Critical Skills of Good Interviewing

The Skill of Discernment

How to Focus on Behavior

How To Base Your Hiring Decisions on Competency and Compatibility

An Appendix includes a detailed Interviewing Guide.

(98 pages, paperback; ISBN 978-0-9830436-4-5; August 2011)

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