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Consumer Insights 2.0 by Dona Vitale

Consumer Insights 2.0 by Dona Vitale
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"Consumer Insights 2.0 by Dona Vitale"
How Smart Companies Apply Customer Knowledge to the Bottom Line
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Author: Vitale, Dona
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by Dona Vitale

Consumer-goods companies need more than just traditional market research to make good strategic decisions. That's why many of them have created departments of consumer insights. This book reveals the characteristics of these new departments and their leaders. You'll discover how they contribute to customer knowledge that goes far beyond market research to help set strategy and develop new business opportunities.

Based on her 20 years of experience, Dona Vitale outlines:

  • Characteristics needed by consumer insights specialists
  • Techniques that help develop the insights
  • Presentation tips to help a whole company get on board with new ideas.

    Ms. Vitale also presents an enlightening case study from Dunkin' Donuts brand that makes it crystal clear how consumer insights can contribute to bottom line success.

    If you would like to be the market leader in your category or your company, this book will guide you every step of the way.

    (150 pages, hardcover, ISBN 0-09766973-8-6; 2006)
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