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Profit with Purpose by Tenesha Jackson Warneri

Profit with Purpose by Tenesha Jackson Warneri
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"Profit with Purpose by Tenesha Jackson Warneri"
A Marketer’s Guide to Delivering Purpose-Driven Campaigns to Multicultural Audiences
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Author: Jackson Warner, Teneshia
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Your guide to unlocking the power of cause marketing!

Managing a business for profit alone is a short-term-success strategy at its best. When profit becomes the primary focus over a sense of purpose, organizations tend to zero in on the bottom line, neglecting what should be central to every marketing initiative—the interests of customers.

This book is about the long view. In it, author Teneshia Jackson Warner challenges you to put “Purpose” at the center of every business decision, and she explains how this approach will lead to better decisions, greater brand value, inspired and engaged employees, and customers who are loyal and become enthusiastic advocates. And here’s the best part—all of those benefits WILL lead to long-term profits and sustained share-holder value over time.

While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an idea that you have heard and considered, this book is a guide for managers who are ready to begin the task of building their businesses around causes that extend beyond the products they manufacture or the services they provide. Profit with Purpose provides instructive examples of how brands such as P&G, Verizon, and Moet Hennessy have turned multicultural, purpose-driven, marketing strategies into winning campaigns, global brand awareness, and yes, tremendously profitable long-term growth. Teneshia guides you through the process of finding YOUR cause and then forming the alliances you will need to share your passion and commitment with others.

Purpose-driven marketing is an effective and important strategy for connecting with multicultural consumers, especially those who believe that your company doesn’t care specifically about them. Often, the best approach to bridging this gap is to identify a cause that matters to them, own it and embrace it, and then begin to share that passion.

Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to communicate your passion will be through a celebrity spokesperson. From causes ranging from education to health, the arts to politics, financial literacy to environmental issues, this book identifies dozens of Urban Influencers—“celebrities gone good” and the causes they support.

Whether a brand manager, a CEO, a student, or entrepreneur, each of us must feel that our lives have meaning in our day-to-day activities. Profit with a Purpose will help you discover that purpose whether for yourself, your company, your brand, or your marketing campaign. More than that, the book offers a framework for inspiring passion for the cause within your organization, and strategies for communicating your purpose inspired message to the outside world—your current and future customers.  

(240 pp., hard cover, ISBN: 978-0-9851795-0-2) 2013

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