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Hispanic Marketing Grows Up by Juan Faura

Hispanic Marketing Grows Up by Juan Faura
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"Hispanic Marketing Grows Up by Juan Faura"
Exploring Perceptions and Facing Realities (Asi Viene el Sandwich)
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Author: Faura, Juan
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by Juan Faura

Here the author of PMP's bestselling The Whole Enchilada: Hispanic Marketing 101, presents a message that will be a wake-up call to all Hispanic-focused marketing and advertising agencies. Based on insights gathered from interviews with Hispanics from many different walks of life, in cities large and small, Hispanic Marketing Grows Up:

  • Explores 30 perceptions and realities that affect how you market to Hispanics
  • Explains when and when not to use Spanglish in advertising
  • Identifies 10 future trends that will affect the Hispanic consumer market

Faura's conversational style makes this a quick read--one loaded with insights, taken straight from Hispanic consumers' mouths to you.

(144 pages, paperback, ISBN 0-9766973-4-3; 2006)


Chapter One -- Hispanic Marketing and Occam's Razor
Chapter Two -- Trust Me, I'm Hispanic
Chapter Three -- Why Can't We Make Progress?
Chapter Four -- The Language Issue
Chapter Five -- Who Cares Why They Come?
Chapter Six -- Being Human Before Being Hispanic
Chapter Seven -- Grassroots, Events, Community Outreach...Oh My!
Chapter Eight -- Perceptions and Realities -- Geographic Segments -- Physical Characteristics -- Music, Food, Cars, Sports, Decor -- Women -- Families and Households -- Socioeconomics and Purchasing Power -- Language and Media  -- Financial Issues -- Religion -- Health -- Social and Political Issues

Chapter Nine -- What About Manana?
Chapter Ten -- A Final Word

Also from Juan Faura: The Whole Enchilada Hispanic Marketing 101

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