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Mr. Online's Playbook by Jeff Walkowski

Mr. Online's Playbook by Jeff Walkowski
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"Mr. Online's Playbook by Jeff Walkowski"
125 Pro Tips for Online Qualitative Research Projects
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Author: Walkowski, Jeff
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Jeff Walkowski’s specialty is online qualitative research. Having conducted his first online focus groups in the mid-1990s, he has conducted more than a thousand online sessions, (real-time text chats, video chats and multi-day discussion boards), over the course of nearly three decades. In addition, he has spoken about online qualitative methods at conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia; published articles on the subject; and trained scores of Qualitative Researchers. In fact, his pioneering work in the discipline has earned him the moniker, Mr. Online.

This handbook combines years of cumulative wisdom and online-moderating experience. It offers 125 Tips addressing every phase of the research process. The tips are conveniently organized in eight categories, by project phase. Topics range from planning projects, to recruitment considerations; preparing and following discussion guides while conducting research; from managing both teams of observers, as well as recalcitrant participants, to budgeting and time management guidelines; and of course, reporting the results. 

Jeff has poured his breadth of experience and professional heart into this book of highly practical tips. It covers all the when, why, what, which, and how of online qual. 

WHEN and WHY is online the appropriate and preferred methodology?

• WHAT topics and WHICH audiences are particularly suited or not suited for online?
HOW can we educate clients, select vendors, design an inquiry and moderation strategy, estimate and manage time, and analyze the sometimes-massive amounts of data?

While intended as a primary source for those who are new to online qualitative methods, the book will also be a valuable reference for already-experienced and seasoned moderators. With its handy Tip Sheet to help you quickly identify useful tips for addressing a specific online-research challenge, this is one book you will want to keep as a handy reference and one that you are sure to return to often.

(178 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-1-941688-82-3; July 2023)
Foreword by Casey Sweet
Section 1 The Fundamentals
Section 2 Selling Online Qualitative
Section 3 General Design Considerations
Section 4 Recruitment
Section 5 Discussion Guides
Section 6 Observer Management
Section 7 Moderation
Section 8 Analysis
Appendix: Mr. Online’s Tipsheet 
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