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No Freedom Shrieker by Katherine M. Aldridge

No Freedom Shrieker by Katherine M. Aldridge
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"No Freedom Shrieker by Katherine M. Aldridge"
The Civil War Letters of Union Soldier Charles Biddlecom, 147th New York State Volunteer Infantry
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Author: Aldridge, Katherine M.
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by Katherine M. Aldridge

Among the piles of obsolete farm and household implements, haystacks, dust, and debris abandoned in her historic barn, Katie Aldridge  discovered a box containing the Civil War letters of Charles Freeman Biddlecom. Painstakingly transcribing and lightly editing more than 100 letters written by the soldier to his wife during his service, Ms. Aldridge resurrected the voice of the Civil War combat soldier. The tone and character of "Charlie's" detailed accounts of the war compelled Ms. Aldridge to find out more.

From letters written throughout Grant's Overland Campaign and the Richmond-Petersburg Campaign, the reader gains an insider's view of the war: fear, hunger, sickness, longing, and concern for those left behind as well as detailed insights about the political climate. Writing from the perspective shaped in an Upstate New York  community closely linked to the abolitionist cause, woman's suffrage, and the Quaker philosophy, the reader will learn how Charlie's background shaped his actions and view of the war.

(292 pp., paperback, ISBN 978-0-9830436-7-6; 2012)

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No Freedom Shrieker by Katherine M. Aldridge
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