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Customer Worthy by Michael R. Hoffman

Customer Worthy by Michael R. Hoffman
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"Customer Worthy by Michael R. Hoffman"
How and Why Everyone in Your Organization Must Think Like a Customer
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Author: Hoffman, Michael R.
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by Michael R. Hoffman

Recommended for chief information officers, chief operating officers, CMOs, marketing directors, brand managers, marketing operations managers, and customer experience managers.

"The customer is the real boss. Mike Hoffman understands that and offers practical and implementable solutions for aligning company strategies with customer needs an executing with excellence. A must read for any company that wants to win and make the real boss happy."  --Paul DeMarco, Sr. Director, Global Portfolio Management and R&D Business Process, Johnson & Johnson Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide

"Hoffman's Customer Worthy provides an intuitive approach and methodology to focus on why we are in business—our customers!"  --Richard C. McMahon, Chief Strategy Officer & Vice President, Corporate Operations, Bed Bath & Beyond

"Hoffman shows, not just talks about, how 'continuous improvement' really works."  --Weiman Hu, Vice President, Decision Science, E*Trade Financial

Your company’s internal measurements might look fine but customer and contact flow may reflect disengaged and indifferent customers. The result is revenue decline and business erosion.

Companies that cannot monitor contact data are continually surprised by revenue shortfall, inventory outages, cost overruns, and diminished customer satisfaction. Traditional financial measures lag too far behind customer activities to be effective for timely decision-making.

In this forward-thinking approach, Hoffman challenges companies to critique every business decision using one simple, inarguable criterion, “Is it Customer Worthy?”

Customer Worthy shows marketers how to leverage new and future technologies and explains "marketing" to technologists and other management disciplines.

Hoffman delves into “customer experience” as the most critical and under-used company asset. He shows how to thread persuasion and innovation through every customer contact across advertising, marketing, sales, operations and customer service.

In this groundbreaking book, Michael Hoffman explains how to use what he calls the CxC Matrix to craft each customer experience, contact by contact, to script the best business outcome. The CxC Matrix exposes untapped marketing opportunities resident in every company in every medium. Hoffman delivers a process to visualize, analyze, monetize and optimize every customer opportunity.

Hoffman is a software development and management consultant focused exclusively on technology, analytics, and services that deliver businesses optimum yield per customer.

(216 pp., paperback, ISBN 978-0-9819869-1-3: February 2010)






Chapter 1: My Car Had a Conversation with My House Last Night . . . When My Office Interrupted 

Chapter 2: The CxC Matrix Unveiled 

Chapter 3: Think Like a Customer 

Chapter 4: Capturing the Customer Experience 

Chapter 5: How Complicated Can One Click of the Mouse Be? 

Chapter 6: Managing Customers Contact-by-Contact 

Chapter 7: Nine Treatment Objectives for Each Contact 

Chapter 8: The Customer Schematic 

Chapter 9: The Customer’s Network 

Chapter 10: Start the Revolution 

Chapter 11: Customer Privacy is Nothing to Kid About 

Chapter 12: Matrix Benefits and Use by Function and Department 

  Executive Management 


  Information Technology and Systems Management 


  Human Resources 



  Customer Service 

  Customer Relationship Management 


  Marketing Performance Management 

  Completing the Missing Link: Your Customer 


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