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Kahle, Robert

Kahle, Robert
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Robert W. Kahle, Ph.D.

Bob Kahle is a sociologist and qualitative research expert who conducts focus groups and individual depth interviews in-person at facilities nationwide and virtually, using the latest technology and research tools to uncover critical input from customers, suppliers, and thought leaders. Bob has worked for Fortune 50 manufacturers and service providers, as well as non-profit and governmental organization tackling tough social problems.

With more than two decades of research experiences, Bob has moderated thousands of focus groups, trained aspiring moderators, and conducted intensive workshops to hone the skills of both experiences and new focus group moderators. Kahle Research Solutions (KRS), founded in 1994, is built on Bob’s solid academic foundation, and fortified with an unwavering commitment to integrity, analytical depth, timeliness, and responsiveness to client needs. KRS balances methodological rigor with real-world practicalities on each project it undertakes.

In addition to his Ph.D. from Wayne State University, Bob earned M.A. and B.A. degrees in Sociology from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Dominators, Cynics, and Wallflowers: Practical Strategies for Moderating Meaningful Focus Groups, is available from PMP. Find out how to get your copy here.

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Dominators, Cynics, and Wallflowers by Robert W. Kahle, PhD
Dominators, Cynics, and Wallflowers by Robert W. Kahle, PhD
Practical Strategies for Moderating Focus Groups and Running Productive Meetings