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Quirk's Case Studies in Marketing Research: B2B

Quirk's Case Studies in Marketing Research: B2B
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"Quirk's Case Studies in Marketing Research: B2B"
Business-to-Business case studies
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Drawn from the pages of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, the marketing research industry’s leading monthly publication, Case Studies in Marketing Research: Business-to-Business offers real-world examples of how organizations spanning the business-to-business realm have turned to marketing research to answer such critical questions as:

-- How do you merge two giant, formerly competing firms?
-- How do you justify the investment in a dealer council?
-- How do you convince fearful buyers that your new product won’t cost them their jobs?
-- How do you use telepresence to gather far-flung respondents?
-- How do you introduce a revolutionary flooring product in a recession-wracked market?
-- How do you measure the potential for a new line of gardening containers?
-- What’s the value of advertising in trade publications?
-- How do you stay in touch with your customers when your market valuation is in the billions?
-- How do you gather input from disparate audiences for a new line of office workspace components?
-- How do you use advertising to prove to the trade that your bike components have mass appeal?

From customer satisfaction studies, to competitive research, you'll discover innovative ways  that leading B2B companies are using research, as well tried and tested techniques such as one-on-one interviews that have worked well for decades.

Since 1986, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review has been the go-to resource for research professionals in all industries. The magazine takes a practical, hands-on approach to its case studies and technique articles to promote the use, value and understanding of marketing research.

(ISBN 978-0-9852482-1-5, 104 pages, paperback) August 2013

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