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Quirk's Case Studies In Marketing Research: Health Care

Quirk's Case Studies In Marketing Research: Health Care
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"Quirk's Case Studies In Marketing Research: Health Care"
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Drawn from the pages of Quirk's Marketing Research Review – the marketing research industry’s leading monthly publication – Case Studies in Marketing Research: Health Care offers real-world examples of how organizations spanning the health care realm – from hospitals and clinics to hearing-aid makers – have turned to marketing research to answer critical business questions.

• How satisfied are public employees with their health plans?

• Are internal perceptions of a hospital consistent with those of patients?

• What types of information do readers of medical journals want and need?

• How will employees handle a switch to managed care?

• What should two merging hospitals call the new entity?

• How can a hospital expand its market share?

• What fears about treatment should a new series of commercials address?

• How should a clinic position the main message of a print and radio ad campaign?

• What is a wife’s role in getting her husband to seek health care information?

• How can a provider make prospective patients more aware of its offerings?

Since 1986, Quirk's Marketing Research Review has been the go-to resource for research professionals in all industries. The magazine takes a practical, hands-on approach to its case studies and technique articles to promote the use, value and understanding of marketing research. Likewise, researchers rely on, which takes the best of the print magazine and combines it with Web interactivity, including a vast archive of past articles and a wide range of online-only content and resources.

(108 pp, soft cover, ISBN 978-0-9852482-0-8; September 2012)

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