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Advertising to Baby Boomers by Chuck Nyren

Advertising to Baby Boomers by Chuck Nyren
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"Advertising to Baby Boomers by Chuck Nyren"
How to Create Marketing Messages for the Prime-Life Market
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Author: Nyren, Chuck
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by Chuck Nyren

Award-winning advertising copywriter Chuck Nyren knows a thing or two about baby boomers. First of all, he is one. But beyond that, he helps companies create advertising that speaks to this age group.

Nyren believes that many companies are losing baby boomer customers because their advertising fails to speak to boomers. To remedy this, he advises, in part, that firms should demand that their advertising agencies put baby boomers in charge of creating campaigns for their peer group. Just as he would not feel comfortable creating advertising for twenty-somethings, he thinks it is a big mistake to expect twenty-somethings to create advertising campaigns that speak to boomers.

His book is filled with examples and suggestions for industries such as housing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, travel, and financial planning -- all industries that try to attract customers from the baby boom generation.

In this updated and revised edition, Nyren continues his crusade to get ad agencies to recognize the importance of using baby boomers to create advertising targeted to baby boomers. He notes that since his first book came out in 2005, baby boomers have begun to receive much more press, but advertisers continue to overlook them as an important and influential market. Filled with timely examples of both press and advertising campaigns, the book also explores resources. A new interview with a British firm that is leading the way in advertising and using direct mail with baby boomers is included.

(182 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-9786602-3-9; Updated edition, 2007)

Available for Amazon Kindle readers

Reviews from the Experts...

(Email) "I just started reading your book 'Advertising to Baby Boomers' yesterday and I think it's fantastic - one of the few written about this subject that tells it how it is in plain language. It's going to be obligatory reading for the staff in the agency ..... I'd also like to quote from your book at a forthcoming conference I'm speaking at in Sydney Australia next month..."
- Kevin Lavery, Co-Founder and Creative Director,  Millennium Direct


Marketing Sherpa
Baby boomers make up 25% of the US population, hold 70% of US assets and spend $2 trillion annually. It's time we discovered opportunities for infomercials, Internet ads and branding catered to the young-at-heart. 'Advertising to Baby Boomers' uses straightforward, jargon-free language to guide advertisers, business owners and agencies on how to craft campaigns successfully.

The author, Chuck Nyren, a veteran creative strategist, explains how to approach this important demographic. This second edition update is divided into three sections. The first part helps us understand boomers' self-image and desires; the second suggests how to market to them; and the third offers practical resources.

Nyren employs wit, helpful asides and experts' citations to refute stereotypes that damage campaigns. He reinstates respect for the demographic that's often insulted by well-intentioned- but-flawed advertising. Some of his suggestions include abstaining from poking fun of boomers' age (i.e., targeting them for cliché products). He also advises showing facts instead of using elaborate illustrations to explain why boomers need something.

So, if you want to avoid pigeonholing boomers and confusing or angering the demographic with your humor, check out this readable 182-page foundation for reaching them. We promise it will be filled with underlines.


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