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Nyren, Chuck

Nyren, Chuck
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Chuck Nyren

Chuck Nyren author of Advertising to Boomers is an award-winning advertising video producer, creative strategist, consultant, and copywriter focusing on The Baby Boomer Market.

Chuck has been in advertising since before he was born--a true Madison Avenue Baby. His grandfather, Sid Schwinn, was one of the advertising greats of the Twenties, Thirities, and Forties. Chucks mother was a copywriter, and his father was VP of Programming for a major advertising agency.

Through the years he has written copy and/or has been a creative strategist for Microsoft, various international professional audio companies, many small Seattle-based ad agencies and companies, and numerous television and radio stations from coast to coast. Chuck has won three International Competition Cindy Awards (Cinema in Industry), two Gold and one Silver.

Chuck has been a consultant for a handful of advertising and marketing agencies, and Baby Boomer-specific projects, including BooM Magazine, Mary Fulong & Associates, and The Omnicom Group. He is a member/consultant (Advertising/45-plus Market) with The Faith Popcorn BrainReserve TalentBank, a leading trend forecasting marketing firm. Chuck has been interviewed by The New York Times, CBS MarketWatch, The Los Angeles Times and various newspapers, magazines, and radio shows.

His fiction has been published in various print literary journals and e-zines, including SpinDrifter, the Satire Quarterly, Eclectica, and on coffee cans in Portland, Oregon. His one-act plays are produced nationwide a half-dozen or so times a year.

Chuck lives in Snohomish, Washington. One of his favorite activities is writing about himself in the third person.

Contact the author:
Chuck Nyren
12226 57th PL SE
Snohomish, WA 98290

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Advertising to Baby Boomers by Chuck Nyren
Advertising to Baby Boomers by Chuck Nyren
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