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Beyond the Mission Statement

Beyond the Mission Statement
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"Beyond the Mission Statement"
Why Cause-Based Communications Lead to True Success
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Author: Armstrong, Jim
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By Jim Armstrong

Too often a marketing communications campaign begins with the words, "We need a new brochure, logo, or website."  Jim Armstrong, the author of Beyond the Mission Statement, suggests that such campaigns should begin instead with unearthing, capturing, and communicating the "cause" of a  business—the "why" it exists versus simply what it does.

Armstrong's communications company, Good for Business, has perfected a 10-question process that helps a business find its authentic, truthful voice which can then be translated into a strong marketing communications concept that is carried throughout its communications with customers, employees, shareholders, and all constituents.

Beyond the Mission Statement lays out the 10 questions and the steps and provides many actual examples of the way various types of businesses and non-profit organizations have used this process to rejuvenate their marketing communications and make them more relevant, meaningful, and true. Four detailed case studies include examples of advertisements, annual report covers, banner ads, and other marketing materials that were generated from the Mission-in-a-Message process that he advocates.

(145 pages, paperback,  ISBN 978-0-9766973-7-4: 2006)

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