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Armstrong, Jim

Armstrong, Jim
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Jim Armstrong

Jim Armstrong is founder and creative director  of Good for Business, a communications company dedicated to helping clients capture and communicate their cause. Jim believes businesses and organizations aren't just brands, but causes that move hearts, minds, and markets. This value proposition results in creating purpose-led communications from which everyone can profit.

In his 30-year career, Jim has helped market everything from safe sex and safe deposit boxes to light pizza and lighting for Broadway to banking in your pajamas and investing in third world countries. He's developed campaigns ranging from AIDS awareness (on display in the Smithsonian) to World Hunger. Jim has created socially responsible messages in sectors ranging from the environment and energy to education and economic development. His clients around the world include leadership institutes in New Zealand and corporations in the United Kingdom as well as universities in New York.

Prior to founding Good for Business, Jim served as partner and creative director for the nation's leading integrated brand development firm and president and creative director of Armstrong Creative for 12 years. Jim's work has been recognized by the Art Directors Club of New York, Communication Arts, Print, and other international peer organizations. He has received more than 500 awards for creativity.

Jim graduated Phi Beta Kappa and has an M.A. in poetry. Through hiis CorPoet Wordshops, Jim has taught organizations how to explore, find, and validate their core values and beliefs through artistic, poetic expression.

He and his wife Kathy, an artist, have three children, Enily. Megan, and Michael.

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