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Marketing to the New Super Consumer Mom & Kid by Tim Coffey, David Siegel, and Greg Livingston

Marketing to the New Super Consumer Mom & Kid by Tim Coffey, David Siegel, and Greg Livingston
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"Marketing to the New Super Consumer Mom & Kid by Tim Coffey, David Siegel, and Greg Livingston"
Today's moms are not the ones you thought you knew!
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Author: Siegel, Livingston, and Coffey
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Now available in Paperback

by Tim Coffey, David Siegel, and Greg Livingston

Did you know that 32 percent of Gen-X moms have tattoos? This is just one of the fun and useful facts you'll find in this new book from the authors of The Great Tween Buying Machine.

From their tattoos to their heavy reliance on the web for information, to their active partnering with their kids, moms today have changed. They aren't the moms you thought you knew. You'll learn how the new relationship between moms and kids affects purchase decisions and how to capture this new market.

The days of manufacturing a good kid-focused product and putting some TV advertising behind it are growing shorter, but after reading this book, you'll know how to handle this new environment. Full of illustrations and facts to help you develop new products for the Super Consumer. You will learn:

-- The definition of the Four-Eyed, Four-Legged Consumer (4i4l).
-- How and why parenting has changed.
-- The life stages of the Super Consumer.
-- The motivations of kids and moms as consumers.
-- How the Super Consumer makes purchase decisions.
-- The size of the 4i4l market.
-- How the kid part of the 4i4l consumer thinks.
-- How to gather insights about the Super Consumer.
-- Media use by the super consumer, both kids and moms.
-- How to create effective advertising and products for the Super Consumer.

This book's goal is to try to awaken you to the simple truth that mom and children have become partners in consumerism. The child is such an important part of mom's life that, due to some very interesting circumstances this book will bring to your attention, she and her child have virtually joined together to make purchase decision regarding many of today's goods and services. Help a mom teach her child, nourish her child, nurture her child, and most of all be the best darn mother she can be to her child, and you'll be her hero.



CHAPTER 1     Introducing the New Super Consumer...Mom & Her Kid
CHAPTER 2     How Did This Happen?
CHAPTER 3     Life Stages of the Four-Eyed, Four-Legged Consumer
CHAPTER 4     Mom and Kid Motivators, or Getting to Win-Win
CHAPTER 5     The Decision-Making Process of 4i4l
CHAPTER 6     The Mom & Kid 4i4l Consumer as a Market
CHAPTER 7     How the 4i4l Thinks
CHAPTER 8     Marketing to the 4i4l
CHAPTER 9     Developing Insights -- Researching Your 4i4l
CHAPTER 10  How to Intercept Your Consumer -- the 4i4l and Its Media
CHAPTER 11  Rules of Engagement -- How to Communicate
CHAPTER 12  Exciting Your Consumer
CHAPTER 13  Some Surprise 4i4l Examples


(221 pp., paperback, ISBN 978-1-941688-24-3; 2014)

(hardcover, ISBN 0-9766973-2-7; 2006 Now Out of Print)

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