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Beyond Bodegas by Jim Perkins

Beyond Bodegas by Jim Perkins
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"Beyond Bodegas by Jim Perkins"
Developing a Retail Relationship with Hispanic Customers
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Author: Perkins, Jim
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by Jim Perkins

The dynamics of the Hispanic retail relationship take place at the local level. Regardless of the nature of your retail business--banking, supermarket, automobile sales, or convenience store--you want to be a successful player in the growing Hispanic retail market. To do that, you need to understand the dynamics of the community at the local level.

In this ground-breaking book, retail expert Jim Perkins offers scores of insights into the mindset and shopping behavior of the Hispanic retail customer. Discover why a sleek modern store may turn off the Hispanic consumer. Learn the importance of diversifying the workforce in your retail establishment. Listen in on conversations among Hispanic retail customers and in the neighborhood about the simple pleasures of ice cream. Learn about cultural nostalgia and the role of the Spanish language in advertising to Hispanic retail customers.

(168 pages, hardcover, ISBN 0-9725290-3-9; 2004)


Introduction -- Retail Life's Lessons

Chapter 1 -- Why Hispanics, Why Now?
Chapter 2 -- Why Length of Time in Country Matters
Chapter 3 -- Marketing In-Culture
Chapter 4 -- Applying the 4 Ps to the Hispanic Consumer
Chapter 5 -- Building the Hispanic-Friendly Environment
Chapter 6 -- Store Presentation, Community Involvement, and Staffing
Chapter 7 -- Latin-Flavored Beverages and Latin American Brands
Chapter 8 -- The Role of Spanglish in Marketing
Chapter 9 -- Crafting a Message that Touches Hispanic Consumers
Chapter 10 -- Dance to the Salsa!


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