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Perkins, Jim

Perkins, Jim
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Jim Perkins

Jim Perkins spent 15 years in the corporate world prior to founding his own business, ULATAM Solutions Group, a firm which helps organizations build a Hispanic offering for their retail unit. His first book, Beyond Bodegas: Developing a Retail Relationship with Hispanic Customers, was published by PMP in 2004.

While with ExxonMobil Corporation and 7-Eleven of Mexico, S.A. de C.V., Mr. Perkins marketed to various cultures in a number of cities. But it was on the streets of Miami; Los Angeles; Chicago; Monterrey, Mexico; Caracas, Venezuela and Seville, Spain that he learned to better build a retail unit in which all are welcome and the product desired is available.

Mr. Perkins has written articles on topics ranging from language acceptance, to confection preferences of Latinos, to tobacco and Latinos. He currently guest lectures to universities and businesses and often suggests to his audience, This Latino explosion is not coincidence, if you have not started you may be somewhat behind!

Mr. Perkins started studying Spanish at the age of 11 and is a student of the Spanish language and Latin cultures. A graduate of Purdue University and current student at the University of California Berkeley, Mr. Perkins applies time spent in Spain, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean as well as his education, to his study and analysis of the multicultural marketing space.

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Jim Perkins



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Beyond Bodegas by Jim Perkins
Beyond Bodegas by Jim Perkins
Developing a Retail Relationship with Hispanic Customers