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Digital Transformation: The Infinite Loop by Paul Miser

Digital Transformation: The Infinite Loop by Paul Miser
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"Digital Transformation: The Infinite Loop by Paul Miser"
Building Experience Brands for the Journey Economy
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Author: Miser, Paul
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What do companies like Uber and Amazon, Apple and Tesla have in common? 

They are all Experience Brands. Businesses that have embraced digital and technology as a competitive differentiator are creating exponentially more value than their counterparts and for their customers. This progressive digital transformation has completely shifted the way businesses capture, create, and retain customers throughout the entirety of the relationship.

From simple awareness creation, to streamlining shopping, to building personalized products and services, to offering new business models, digital-enabled businesses are changing the way they view their role in their customers’ lives. They are transforming their mindset from acquisition to membership and from marketing to relationship management. This paradigm shift not only changes how customers view the brands they do business with, but it’s also changing the way businesses view themselves. 

Businesses are entering the Journey Economy – where customer value goes beyond a single transaction and into a holistic experience with the brands they do business with. Understanding the entire customer journey gives brands the insight of the pain points and moments of joy customers expect and experience throughout their individual path to a brand. This intelligence gives brands the power to not only capitalize on these moments of pain and joy, but also the ability to see trends and shifts in the marketplace.

Experience Brands are built around the notion and idea of speed. They believe the faster they can identify consumer problems and pain points, then create solutions to fix them, the faster they can create new value, access new revenue opportunities, and establish a deeper relationship with their consumers. Being consumer focused gives Experience Brands the ability to track the end-to-end journey of consumers and keep an open dialog with them, while identifying the bottlenecks and challenges to solve. This continuous loop gives Experience Brands the ability to access the fast-to-market advantage, while maintaining strong relationships with their consumers. 

Author Paul Miser takes the conversation about digital disruption to a higher level. He explains that Experience Brands are never focused on the next sale, rather they rely on learning and building relationships that will lead to a third sale and many more after that.

Miser goes on to explain the process of engaging in individualized journeys with each of your customers and the tools and procedures required to structure your business activities to collect the data needed to better understand the journey your customers share with your brand and to act on the acquired knowledge to advance the relationship.

This book is not a guide for a reorganization but a vision for a new organization for you and your brand. One that charts its own course and fulfills its own destiny by creating the best ongoing experience possible for its customers. Built from on-the-ground experiences, customer behaviors and digital transformation, you will have the knowledge to prepare your organization to be future ready, whatever that requires. 

(252 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-1-941688-72-4; April 2021)

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