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Innovation Myths and Mythstakes (mistakes) by Tim Coffey, Dave Siegel, and Mark Smith

Innovation Myths and Mythstakes (mistakes) by Tim Coffey, Dave Siegel, and Mark Smith
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"Innovation Myths and Mythstakes (mistakes) by Tim Coffey, Dave Siegel, and Mark Smith"
How to develop a winning new product innovation program.
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Author: Coffey, Siegel, and Smith
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by Tim Coffey, Dave Siegel, and Mark Smith

Many myths and "mythstakes" (truths that have been misapplied) held by today's businessmen and innovators  have made the job of innovation even more difficult and riskier than it needs to be. Myths about failure rates, finding opportunities, ideation, what is needed, how to get great performance, and many more.

This book will help you understand the roadblocks and challenges of innovation, and how to overcome them. Once the myths are debunked, you will be on your way to becoming a better innovator.


The Afterword (find out why this comes first)
The Situation (the times sure are a changin')

Myth #1    80 percent of all new products fail!
Myth #2    The ROI on innovation is terrible.
Myth #3    Don’t bother unless it’s perfect.
Myth #4    When it comes to investment in R&D,
                  size matters.
Myth #5    The best innovations come from
                  following trends.
Myth #6    To successfully innovate, you must
                 deeply understand and Listen to the
                 consumer (a.k.a. The Consumer Is King).
Myth #7    There is a secret on how to be creative.
Myth #8    When looking for insights, focus groups
                   are best staffed by “fresh” consumers.
Myth #9     Only “right brainers” are creative.
Myth #10   Brainstorming works.
Myth #11   Crowdsourcing delivers great ideas
                   on the cheap.
Myth #12   There is no such thing as a bad idea.
Myth #13   Great Ideas will make you rich.
Myth #14   A great idea speaks for itself.
Myth #15   It is more important to be liked than to
                     be unique.
Myth #16   Build a better mousetrap and the world
                    will beat a path to your door.
Myth #17   There’s no such thing as too much
Myth #18   Concept testing is a great way to
                   minimize risk.
Myth #19   Facts convince people to buy.
Myth #20   BASES testing will show the way.
Myth #21   It’s not worth doing if it’s not invented here.
Myth #22   R&D should lead the way.
Myth #23   You don’t need a process to innovate.
Myth #24   Stick with the plan, no matter what.
Myth #25   Innovation means never looking back.
Myth #26   You have to please your audience.
Myth #27   We’ll innovate when we need to.

Innovator's Quick Guide

(272 pp., hardcover, ISBN 978-09801745-7-1;  May 2009)

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