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Let Me Explain Black Again, by Pepper Miller

Let Me Explain Black Again, by Pepper Miller
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"Let Me Explain Black Again, by Pepper Miller"
Exploring Blind Spots and Black Insights for Marketing & Understanding Black Culture and Perspectives
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Author: Miller, Pepper
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Black Insights for Marketing and Understanding Black Culture & the Perspectives of Black People in America today

With over twenty-five years of experience as a market researcher and Black American subject-matter expert, Pepper Miller shares foundational insights about Black culture—delving into the back stories and sharing marketing and market research examples to help readers understand the importance of language, beliefs, and behaviors related to Black culture. 


In this book Pepper explores and explains:


SEVEN Blind Spots that prevent business leaders from “Getting” the real perspective of their Black employees, customers, and the potential of audiences they are not currently serving.


FIVE Shape-Shifting segments within the Black population, including Black immigrants and LGBTQ+ individuals, and how each of the five groups is unapologetically different from mainstream, and also different from each other, in meaningful ways. Throughout the book dozens of well-known celebrities, leaders and individual cultural shapeshifters are recognized for their impressive contributions to society at large.


More than FIVE important sectors indicating that America today is NOT post-racial, including: education, health and healthcare, housing, wealth & financial services, and the justice system itself.


Eye-popping Statistics contradicting many commonly held stereotypes, assumptions, and beliefs.


After presenting “issues” that still need to be addressed, the remainder of the book explores opportunities for a better future—what real inclusion, equality, and celebration look like.


Taking readers closer to the heart and soul of Black culture Pepper addresses Black identity and language; the authentic realism of Black cyberspace; the importance of the Black church; connecting to the community in positive ways with Black media, grassroots events, authenticity, and inclusive market research; and so much more.


Upon completing this journey with Pepper, readers should have a clear understanding of “the why” about Black America and the value of aligning with and investing in this distinctive and rising sector of American people. 


(ISBN: 978-1-941688-79-3, 272 pages, paperback; Publication Date April 2023)




Table of Contents


Preface: What More Do You Want?

Introduction: Why the Need to Explain Black Again

How to Use this Book

Part One:  America’s Abiding Blind Spot is Black: Exploring Unconscious Biases and Their Origins

Chapter 1:  I Didn’t Know

Chapter 2:  The Dangers of Blind Spots


Part Two:  Seven Top Leadership Blind Spots: Unpacking Unconscious Bias

Chapter 3:  Blind Spot #1 The Avoidance of America’s Unbridled History

Chapter 4:  Blind Spot #2 Privilege and the Deficit of Empathy

Chapter 5:  Blind Spot #3 Misunderstanding the Language of Black Culture

Chapter 6:  Blind Spot #4 Misunderstanding and Misjudging Black Identity

Chapter 7:  Blind Spot #5 Unapologetically Black

Chapter 8:  Blind Spot #6: No, Virginia. We are NOT Post Racial


                Health and Healthcare


                Wealth and Financial Services

                Unjust Justice 

Chapter 9:  Blind Spot #7 Generations of Awakenings Give Rise to the Fight for Equality


Part Three:  Cultural Shapeshifters: The Rise and Rebirth of Black Influence

Chapter 10:  Black Youth: The Forerunners

Chapter 11:  Black Women: Fighters for the Cultural Good

Chapter 12:  Black Men: The Path Forgers

Chapter 13:  Black Immigrants: Foreigners Only by Name

Chapter 14:  Black LGBTQ+ Individuals: The Fairness Fighters

Chapter 15:  Undeniable Black Influence: Redefining Cultural Norms

                Black APRR (Authentic, Positive, Relevancy, Representation)

                Highly Influential Black Influencers


Part Four:  Rethinking Black: Relationships, Community, and Representation

Chapter 16:  Black Relationships: Black Love Exists and It Means Everything

Chapter 17:  The Black Church: Demonstrating Values through Social Justice

Chapter 18:  Modern Black Grassroots Events Foster Acceptance

Chapter 19:  Black Media: Valuable, Relevant, and Here to Stay

Chapter 20:  Black Cyberspace Propels Black Culture

Chapter 21:  Black Representation in Market Research


Part Five:  How to Win Black Loyalty

Chapter 22:  Characteristics of a Winning Brand

Chapter 23:  When Brands Get It Right: The P&G Effect

Chapter 24:  Celebrating First Wins: Pixar, Cultural Trust, and Positive Realism in Action


Part Six:  So What? Now What?

Chapter 25:  Beginning with “Why”

Chapter 26:  The Value of Allyship






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