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A Little Less Conversation by Tom Asacker

A Little Less Conversation by Tom Asacker
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"A Little Less Conversation by Tom Asacker"
how today's brands find ways to connect with customers despite the noisy advertising world
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Author: Asacker, Tom
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by Tom Asacker

For a 169 page, small format book, Tom Asacker’s A Little Less Conversation packs powerful profundity. In my last post I recounted the five major trends Tom foresees. Today I was planning on tackling his next profound topic: happiness. Since I just read Immanuel Kant’s treatise on happiness, my head is spinning too much to assimilate those two thinkers. However, I’ll take a shot at giving you enough to get your head spinning, too.”


It’s a noisy world out there—one where consumers have learned to tune out advertising messages, whether they are online or offline. 

Following on the success of his book, A Clear Eye for Branding, brand guru, Tom Asacker, says it is time to cut back on the conversation and focus on bringing value to the customer.

And value, for Asacker, is less about price and more about how the customer feels about a product or purchase. In Asacker’s view, the endgame for a company is to provide customers with a happy experience, and to enhance their sense of worth and belonging. That takes a certain amount of collaboration and dialog with customers, talking with them not at them.

In his  latest book, A Little Less Conversation: Connecting with Customers in a Noisy World, Asacker explains precisely how today’s successful brands are different from others and how they have found ways to connect with the customers’ mindset. He explains why customers have tuned out the irrelevant chatter of dispassionate messaging and uninspired employees and how organizations can change to focus on the customers, not their products or services.

Customers come to the marketplace looking for a sense of well-being, but their definition of well-being is subjective. Says Asacker, Customers “not only want brands they choose to be reliable and fair, they also want them to look good, be good, and do good. They want to save time and money, but they also want to be uniquely acknowledged, involved, and engaged. To stay relevant, brands must evolve with customers’ evolving concept of value….It requires vision, belief in collaborative innovation, empathy for the customer, and a passion for experimentation.”

Asacker's conversational and witty writing style is easy to share with colleagues to get the conversation going about the new paradigm for branding.

(170 pages, paperback, ISBN  978-0-9781745-2-6; 2008)

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