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Marketing to American Latinos Part 2 by Isabel Valdes

Marketing to American Latinos Part 2 by Isabel Valdes
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"Marketing to American Latinos Part 2 by Isabel Valdes"
How to market to Hispanics using the in-culture approach, part 2 of 2 parts
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Author: Valdés, M. Isabel
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by M. Isabel Valdés

Hispanic marketing means marketing "in-culture," and no one understands it better than Isabel Valdes, a researcher and writer with years of experience in this important market segment.

Marketing to American Latinos, Part II picks up where Part I left off to provide practical information for Hispanic marketing. Ms. Valdes uses data from the ACNielsen Homescan Hispanic panel to analyze spending patterns of Hispanics as they move from Spanish-preferred to English-preferred in the acculturation process. Marketing to American Latinos analyzes the "what and where" of Hispanic spending on many products and services.

In sharing four different ways of segmenting the Hispanic market, Ms. Valdes notes that companies may need to use one or more of these Hispanic market segmentations in order to properly target the appropriate segments of the Hispanic market.

Included are new case studies from a variety of industries who have successfully targeted the Hispanic market, a list of the 100 best websites for targeting Hispanics, and a formula for creating an integrated marketing strategy for the Hispanic market.


Section 1 Hispanics in the United States, A Current Look
Chapter 1   A growth market
Chapter 2   Hispanics are young
Chapter 3   Diversity within the Latino community
Chapter 4   Geographic distribution
Chapter 5   Hispanic buying power
Chapter 6   Hispanic households
Chapter 7   The acculturation factor
Chapter 8   Educational attainment
Chapter 9   Hispanics in the labor force, business, and politics

Section 2 Targeting to the Hearts and Minds of U.S. Latinos
Chapter 10   Segmenting Latinos for profits
Chapter 11   Segmenting by place of birth and generation
Chapter 12   Segmenting by language
Chapter 13   Segmenting by country of origin
Chapter 14   In-culture age segments

Section 3 Hispanics as Customers
Chapter 15   Using in-culture household intellegence
Chapter 16   What Latinos buy
Chapter 17   How to get your products in front of Latinos

Section 4 Latino Lifestyles
Chapter 18   Healthcare and Latinos today
Chapter 19   Hispanic travel: an uncharted frontier
Chapter 20   Digital Marketing to U.S. Latinos
Chapter 21   The Hispanic Media Scene

Section 5 An Integrated Strategy for Hispanic Markets
Chapter 22   The integrated in-culture marketing strategy

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(386 pp., hardcover, ISBN 0-9671439-2-6;  2002)

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