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India Business

India Business
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"India Business"
Finding Opportunities in this Big Emerging Market
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Author: Chandra, A., Rau, Ryans
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by Aruna Chandra, Pradeep Rau, and John K. Ryans, Jr.

Doing business in India isn't easy but it presents an important opportunity for today's global marketer. India is second only to China among the countries the U.S. Department of Commerce calls Big Emerging Markets. India Business provides up-to-date information on:

  • The middle class Indian consumer.
  • Specific industry sectors in India including information technology, services, and retailing.
  • Urban markets in India.
  • Politics and the Indian economy.
  • Strategies for market entry, marketing, advertising, and promotion.
  • Resources of business information in the U.S. and in India.

    Vignettes throughout the book bring a human face to the country and Indian business practices. Adding depth are three interviews with executives who have several years of on-the-ground experience in India, marketing their companies' products and making things happen.

    Read practical advice from authors who are writing about their native land of India and have years of experience consulting with international businesses. Three long-term and short-term economic scenarios are supplemented with a checklist of what to watch for and the authors' assessment of the most likely economic scenarios. You learn the pros and cons so you can consider the Indian market with fresh information, but a realistic point of view.

(180 pp., hardcover, ISBN 0-9671439-0-X; 2002)

What the experts are saying...

"Having worked for three multi-national corporations in my career (Dow Chemical, British Petroleum, and Whatman, Inc.) I found India Business to be a fascinating tour through the intricacies of doing business in a complex foreign society. Moreover, it is a great read, holding the reader's attention with excellent changes of pace that mix cultural, political, and business information. I devoured the contents during a five-hour flight across the U.S. and considered it time well spent. I have dealt with and will continue to deal with scientists, engineers, and businessmen from India on a regular basis. The content of India Business will be of inestimable value in doing business with them and even managing them as employees."
--James C. Davis, Ph.D., Vice President, GenVault, Inc. (a biotechnology startup)

"The significance of this book lies in the writers' honest and clear assessment of the present challenges and opportunities (in India). It will help the serious businessperson to understand the intricacies of the market and to be prepared when the future takes off."
--Charles A. de la Porte, Chairman, Hexon, Inc.

"India Business is a vivid portrayal that captures current and realistic nuances from an overwhelmingly diverse people and economy."
--Rupa Ranganathan, Ethnic Strategist and Senior Vice President, Strategic Research Institute

"This extremely comprehensive book will be invaluable to the person or company wishing to do business in India or with an Indian company in the USA. It is organized so that readers can easily find information pertinent to their needs. I especially found value in the case histories sprinkled throughout the text."
--J. Chris Langmack, President, Niagara CustomBilt Manufacturing Company

"The authors provide a superior compilation of the information necessary to begin conducting business in India. Included is background research on strategies as well as many timely examples and tips. India Business is invaluable for the executive preparing a business plan for India. Readers will be enthusiastic to begin their Indian experience after having read it."
--David W. Nuske, Vice President, International Banking Division, KeyBank National Association, Cleveland, Ohio

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