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After Fifty by Leslie M. Harris

After Fifty by Leslie M. Harris
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"After Fifty by Leslie M. Harris"
How the Baby Boom Will Redefine the Mature Market
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Author: Harris, Leslie M.
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Leslie M. Harris, editor

Baby boomers are an incredibly lucrative market, but in their rush to appeal to youth, many companies have lost contact with boomers as they mature. Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, with the height of the baby boom in 1957. That means a substantial number of boomers are still in their forties and fifties.

The experts who contributed to this book find that boomers refuse to think of themselves as old, even as they seek some of the comforts of mid-life. As they move through their peak earning years and begin to think about retirement, they still have a sense of fun and self-confidence.

Contributors, their companies and their chapters include:

  • Leslie M. Harris, Mature Marketing and Research, Connecting with the Boomers
  • Theodore L. Reed, ReedHaldyMcIntosh & Associates, Baby Boom: A Demographic Portrait
  • Howard Willens, Mature Marketing & Research, Current Boomer Behavior and Attitudes: What the Surveys Show
  • Amy Myers & John Nielson, Colle + McVoy CODE 50, Baby Boom Travel Emphasizes Adventure and Relaxation
  • Anne Devereux, BBDO Health, Boomers on Drugs
  • Ron Paul and Jacqueline Rodriguez, Technomic, Inc., Baby Boomers and the Fast Food Industry
  • Michelle Edelman, LB Works, Baby Boomers and Technology: Selling the 'Me' Generation New Toys
  • Sherri Akers, For Women Mostly,  "You Don't Look Fifty!" What Boomer Women Want in Apparel
  • Joan Seamster, Customer Insights, Connecting Boomers with Financial Services

(180 pages, hardcover, ISBN 0-9725290-2-0; 2003)



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