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Multicultural Intelligence by David Morse

Multicultural Intelligence by David Morse
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"Multicultural Intelligence by David Morse"
Eight Make-or-Break Rules for Marketing to Race, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation
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Author: Morse, David R.
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by David Morse

Critics of this new book might argue the election of President Obama is proof that racial, ethnic, gender and sexual orientation barriers have been torn down, and marketing to these attributes isn't all that important anymore.

This book takes the position that instead of getting pushed to the background, multicultural segmentation needs to become more sophisticated, and take its rightful place--front and center.

With decades of experience in multicultural marketing, author David Morse reviews the history of marketing to black, Hispanic, Asian, and LGBT (mostly lesbian and gay) consumers. He explains how including appropriate cultural cues in advertising can build brand loyalty that will pay huge dividends. He also cautions that missing the mark with advertising that excludes or is culturally offensive can be a costly mistake.

Replete with scores of examples of campaigns that have been extremely effective, as well as those that have sparked outrage and boycotts, this book provides EIGHT basic rules that should guide you through the process of marketing as diversity becomes mainstream. Recommended, for all levels of management and any student of marketing or advertising.

Table of Contents

Part I -- Meet the New Americans

  One:  Melting Pots, Multiculturalism and Marketing to
            the New America
  Two:  Hispanic Americans
  Three:  African Americans
  Four:  Asian Americans
  Five:  LGBT Americans
  Six:  Post-ethnic America and People of Mixed Race

Part II -- The Rules of Multicultural Marketing
  Rule 1:  Boost your MQ
  Rule 2:  Divide and conquer
  Rule 3:  Don't trust the experts
  Rule 4:  Don't let the joke be on you
  Rule 5:  Don't get lost in translation
  Rule 6:  Push their buttons
  Rule 7:  Market on a wink and a prayer
  Rule 8:  Make up, don't cover up

(256 pp., hardcover, ISBN 978-0-9801745-6-4; May 2009)

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