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Outsmart the MBA Clones by Dan Herman, PhD

Outsmart the MBA Clones by Dan Herman, PhD
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"Outsmart the MBA Clones by Dan Herman, PhD"
The Alternative Guide to Competitive Strategy, Marketing, and Branding
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Author: Herman, Dan
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by Dan Herman, Ph.D.

In today's intensely competitive consumer marketplace most companies would love to be successful, adored by their customers, and not imitated by their competitors. A private monopoly would be nice, but it isn't easy.

In his provocative book, Outsmart the MBA Clones: The Alternative guide to Competitive Strategy, Marketing, and Branding, Dr. Dan Herman reveals the secrets to establishing what he calls an "unfair advantage."

Herman maintains that despite the apparent diversity among MBA programs, they produce executives who think and act in a similar and predictable manner. This undermines the competitiveness of their companies and provides a strategic advantage to those who recognize these biases and think differently.

Outsmart the MBA Clones provides a set of new concepts and a tool kit unlike anything taught in MBA schools. The ambitious promise of this book is to help managers create business strategies that will succeed and yet amazingly will not be copied by the competition.

Steve Yastrow, author of We: The Ideal Customer Relationship says, "Outsmart the MBA Clones is filled with powerful insights, appearing one after the other, that will have  you thinking, 'Hey, I never thought of it that way.' Herman challenges long-held beliefs about strategy, competitive advantage, marketing, customer segmentation, differentiation, and branding."

"The only thing scarier than your competition already reading this book is how they will be applying it in the market that could have been yours," says Ray Podder of Grow, a premier brand consulting firm based in California.

(272 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-1-941688-25-0; 2014)

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