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Herman, Dan

Herman, Dan
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Dr. Dan Herman

Dr. Dan Herman is an Advantagizer, a globally renowned expert in identifying growth opportunities and creating competitive advantages for companies and for brands. He integrates winning competitive strategies with profitable business models and psychologically powerful branding.

Dr. Herman is the co-owner and CEO of Competitive Advantages Ltd.. Together with his highly trained team, he serves worldwide clients ranging from local mid-sized companies to Fortune Global 500 Corporations. Competitive Advantages often partners with local consulting companies in carrying out large-scale projects.

In conjunction with his consulting practice, Dr. Herman is a conference speaker, seminar leader, workshop moderator, and is frequently interviewed by the media. Among his speaking and training topics are:

  • Identifying opportunities to grow and devising growth strategies with the "What's Next?" process and Opportunity (O-Scan) method.
  • Creating successful off-core differentiation strategies that competitors will not imitate and turning them into a Unique Success Formula, a private monopoly.
  • Predicting potential future consumer wants with the Consumer ForeSearch method.
  • Achieving meteoric marketing successes with the Marketing Hits formula and the Short Term Brands (STBs) methodology.
  • Creating a psychological and social instrumentality for a brand and applying the principles for creating emotional significance.
  • Developing brands that click immediately with consumers' emotions using the just-on desire branding methodology.
  • Bringing a brand to life with the brand drama method, the hypnotic branding principles and, the brand trance approach.
  • Creating luxury or prestige brands, premium products, VIP services, upscale retail, elite places, exclusive organizations, etc.
  • The Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) and other crucial phenomena for understanding the psychological makeup of today's consumers.

Dr. Herman is the author of two marketing management books in Hebrew and another in Russian.

Dan is a devoted fan of gourmet food, of fine wine, and of high quality alcoholic beverages. He enjoys a good cigar every now and then, private dance parties, humor, world travel, and getting acquainted with people of varied cultures and lifestyles. He is a qualified personal coach for the attainment of life goals and also a certified masseur.

Some of his major interests include strategic thinking, the psychology of the intangible aspects of our reality, and altered states of consciousness.

Find out more about Dr. Herman or reach him via the web at and www.advantagizers. com.

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Outsmart the MBA Clones by Dan Herman, PhD
Outsmart the MBA Clones by Dan Herman, PhD
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