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Brazeal, Mickey

Brazeal, Mickey
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Mickey Brazeal

Mickey Brazeal is a professor in the Graduate School of Integrated Marketing Communication at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

He worked for 28 years as an advertising agency creative—the last ten as Executive Creative Director of a large Chicago agency. He has developed national TV campaigns for bicycles and banks, car waxes and corn herbicides; shampoos, spice blends and stock options; fruit juices and food stores; deodorants and drugstores; real estate companies and rental cars; toys and tractors; and medicines among others.

His creative awards include Addies, Tellies, Eagles, Towers, Mobius Awards, and the Gallagher Report’s Broken Pencil Award for “the most obnoxious TV commercial we’ve seen this month.” 

He has also worked in print advertising, Internet marketing, direct marketing and sales promotion. During the dotcom madness, he helped to launch several Internet businesses, some of which, including, still thrive today.

Mickey wrote “Green Revolution: RFID and the Rise of Convenient Sustainability” for RFID World 2008. He wrote “Varieties of Efficiency: How RFID Asset Tracking Changes the Way Businesses Work” for the book The Culture of Efficiency.

Before joining the Roosevelt faculty, Mickey taught at Northwestern University and at the Stuart Graduate School of Business at IIT. He has introduced new courses in Customer Relationship Management at IIT and at Roosevelt. He is a frequent speaker on marketing and relationship management issues, and was a featured speaker at the 2008 RFID World conference in Las Vegas.


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RFID Improving the Customer Experience by Mickey Brazeal
RFID Improving the Customer Experience by Mickey Brazeal
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