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Green, Brent

Green, Brent
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Brent Green

Brent Green studied psychology in both undergraduate and graduate school, and spent the first four years of his career working as a counseling therapist, where he honed deeper insights about human motivation and behavior. His counseling practice afforded him an opportunity to work with and help a diverse range of patients suffering from a plethora of mentally and physically disabling conditions.

For 27 years, he has worked in the field of marketing communications. In the capacity of a marketing and creative strategiest, as well as an award-winning copywriter, he has had innumerable successful business experiences selling a multitude of products and services to Baby Boomers—from real estate to fast food, from a new business radio format to a worldwide cycling event. His marketing experiences cover practically every product and service category. Over 50 regional, national, and international awards acknowledge his creative and commercial accomplishments.

Brent also wrote and published Noble Chaos, an award-winning novel about baby boomers during the Vietnam War era. As with any foray into fiction writing, this challenge forced him to think intensely and critically about the sociology and culture of this coming-of-age period, as well as to understand the indelible values that persist within an influential generational segment. He received critical recognition from Writer's Digest magazine for a forward-looking essay about Baby Boomers in midlife, included in Marketing to Leading Edge Baby Boomers.

In addition to formal education in psychology and accumulating real-world marketing experiences,  Brent has spent two decades reading extensively about Baby Boomer demography, cultural developments, and futuristic predictions. In Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, he has incorporated some of the more significant insights gleaned from many hours spent reading and relfecting.

Brent is a leading-edge baby boomer. He reached maturity during the critical time when this generation adopted its core values and beliefs. He was part of the party, as well as a curious and critical observer.

Brent Green can be contacted at, and or visit his blog at

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Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers by Brent Green
Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers by Brent Green
perceptions, principles, practices, predictions 2nd edition
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