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Leepson, Evan

Leepson, Evan
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Evan Leepson, as a business and marketing strategist for the past 30 years, has designed successful strategic marketing plans for his clients through extensive business analysis, and market assessments. He has leveraged his expertise to generate creative and results-oriented solutions.

Evan’s consultative offerings include:

•    Developing and implementing marketing strategies for small businesses

•    Delivering customer/client retention training programs

•    Advising small business owners on marketing strategies and customer service

•    Facilitating strategic planning efforts - from plan development to implementation

Evan taught Organizational Behavior & Leadership at the Keller Graduate School of Management. He was a Senior Consultant at GE Healthcare’s Performance Solutions where he drew up scores of marketing plans for healthcare clients. In that capacity, he diagnosed client needs and managed marketing project teams.

He continues to provide marketing consulting services through seminars such as: 

•   Developing Effective Marketing Strategies

•   Retaining Fitness Center Clients

•   Marketing as Customer Service

•   Creating Content-Driven Marketing Strategies

•    Understanding Customer Needs

•    Staff Retention Strategies for Small Business Owners

•    Marketing for Service Professionals 

•    Building or Transforming Your Private Psychotherapy Practice

Evan conducts marketing workshops for the Maryland Women’s Business Center and was a judge at the StartRight! Women’s Business Plan Competition in Maryland.

He earned his M.B.A. from Averett University, and an M.S.W. and B.A. from West Virginia University.

You can find out more at:

phone: 301-525-1557



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