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The Mirrored Window by Judith Langer

The Mirrored Window by Judith Langer
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"The Mirrored Window by Judith Langer"
Everything you need to know about setting up and reporting on focus groups from a master moderator
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Author: Langer, Judith
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by Judith Langer

Focus groups are an important method for learning about your customers. If you're involved with focus groups in any way, look no further for expert advice.

Whether you are using focus groups for the first time, looking for ways to make your focus groups more productive, or you want to to make your focus group facility a regional star, The Mirrored Window offers practical advice. Expert moderator Judith Langer guides you to success step-by-step -- using real examples -- from defining your focus group project to writing the report.

  • Compare the advantages of focus group research over quantitative studies. Get a checklist that helps you easily determine when to use qualitative research and when to choose quantitative. Learn when to use focus groups over one-on-one interviews and how to decide on an optimal focus group size. Plus, you'll find the questions to ask to help you decide if telephone research will suffice.
  • Here's how focus group research is done. Understand the process and timing for selecting a focus group facility, scheduling focus groups, screening focus group respondents, re-screening respondents, conducting focus group sessions, and reviewing focus group results. Judith Langer's commonsense approach helps you proceed with absolute confidence.
  • What makes a facility great. Learn which features and services to look for when selecting a facility. Planning a new facility or renovating an older one? Ms. Langer's book delivers information you'll want to share with your architect, interior designer, and even your banker who wants to understand your business better.
  • Rogue focus group respondents. Find out what you need to know about focus group cheaters, repeaters, and deceivers. Learn how to deal with know-it-alls in focus groups, people who talk too much, respondents who are rude, and conversations that stray off the topic at hand.
  • How to stay in control of the focus group. You'll find dozens of tips for gaining control without losing your own self-control. Actual phrases and signals you can use to keep a focus group on track; how to get the focus group talking, how to ask focus group questions without biasing responses, how to control group dynamics, when to probe and when to use a firm hand.
  • Get the most out of sessions. As a focus group client, learn when to speak up and when to let the focus group moderator do her job. As a focus group moderator, learn how to address client concerns and how to deliver the most value to them.
  • Reporting tips. In a full chapter dedicated to writing useful reports on focus group research, analysis, and implications, Ms. Langer shares such sound advice as "Avoid using numbers when reporting on qualitative studies"--wisdom and guidance to sharpen anyone's focus group reporting skills.

(272 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-0-9766973-3-6; 2005)



Chapter 1     When to do Qualitative Research
Chapter 2     High Tech Comes to High Touch
Chapter 3     Gearing Up for Groups
Chapter 4     Managing Field Work
Chapter 5     Screener and Topic Guide Construction
Chapter 6     Moderating: The Listening Loop
Chapter 7     Beyond the Basic Q & A: Special Techniques
Chapter 8     The Hardest Part: Analysis and Implications

Chapter 9     Mantrack Study
Chapter 10   The Moderator as Trend Detective
Chapter 11   15 Myths about Qualitative Research

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