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Stir It Up! by Laurie Tema-Lyn

Stir It Up! by Laurie Tema-Lyn
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"Stir It Up! by Laurie Tema-Lyn"
Fresh ideas for exercises to use with focus groups, and meeting facilitation
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Author: Tema-Lyn, Laurie
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Best seller at QRCA Annual Conference

by Laurie Tema-Lyn

From time to time, every moderator, meeting chairman, or in-depth interviewer needs fresh ideas to jazz up a tired group or reenergize a flagging meeting. Laurie Tema-Lyn offers more than 50 fresh ideas for exercises in her book, Stir It Up! Recipes for Robust Insights & Red Hot Ideas. Patricia Sunderland, a partner in Practica Group LLC, says, "Laurie's 'cookbook' is a gift, destined to become a resource for novices as well as seasoned chefs in the art of facilitating focus groups, meetings, or events."

Laurie Tema-Lyn is the founder of Practical Imagination Enterprises¨, an innovation and qualitative research consultancy. In Stir It Up! she shares exercises she has used to help her clients recharge their thinking. An active QRCA member, she is currently co-chair of the Philadelphia chapter and managing editor of QRCA Views magazine.

140 pp., 7x9 paperback, ISBN 978-0-9830436-3-8; June 2011



Ice Breakers: Activities to get people relaxed and comfortable and to set the stage for the work to come
The Story of Your Name
Memoir Nuggets
Talk Show Guest
Magical Gift
Who’s Your Muse?
Bread-Breaking Ceremony
Imaginary Dish

Truthsayers: Activities to help research participants recall behaviors and experiences, and get in touch with, and talk about, emotions
Snapshot or “FlipVid”
As If an Alien
Show & Tell
Fantastic Voyage 
“Dear John” Letter
Collage 101
Color Wheel
A Day in the Life
Inspiration from Archetypes
Capturing Life in the Moment

Energy Changers: Activities to fuel or recharge a group, or to guide participants into quiet reflection
Ball Toss
Mood Music
Lightning Round
Sentence Relay
Baseball Stories
Build a Machine
Move It!
Connection-Makers: The heart of idea generation
Analogy Safari
Short Stories
Trees (aka Mind Maps)
Google Grazing & Blog Browsing
Linguistics Wordplay
Everything Sounds Better In Italian
Playing with Paradox
Percussive Jam
Get Fired!
Visit other Worlds
Creating (“Preferred”) Futures
Competitive Products Olympics
Blindfolded Sensory Experience
Kitchen Magic
Animal Powers
3D Collage

Idea Developers: Activities to add more detail to selected beginning ideas and directions
“Concept” Templates
Concept Format 101

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