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ThinkAbout by Andrea Syverson

ThinkAbout by Andrea Syverson
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"ThinkAbout by Andrea Syverson"
77 Creative Prompts for Innovation
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Author: Syverson, Andrea
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Your brand is your most important product. But are you taking full advantage of it? Are you connecting it to your customers and Thinking About how to extend it in a meaningful way? If your job is to creatively merchandise your brand and your products, to write innovative copy that connects with your customers, or to reposition your brand for new channels, this book is for you.

Featuring companies as diverse as Pendleton, Ben & Jerry’s, Kickstarter, American Girl, Bobbi Brown, CHEFS and Chipotle, ThinkAbout’s variety of product prompts purposefully engage you in worlds outside your own industry and are certain to shift your thinking into high creative gear!

Andrea Syverson is one of the most creative thought leaders when it comes to helping your merchandising team think outside the box. This book uses 77 verbs to give you quick case summaries and a series of questions that will help you move forward in product development, catalog and web copy, and repositioning.

Rather than reading this book from cover to cover, you can dip in wherever the muse takes you. Only have ten minutes of down time? That's plenty of time to glean inspiration from Andrea, whether your category is food and beverage, apparel, services such as hotels and restaurants, dentistry, banking, or publishing.

ThinkAbout  will help you get to the heart of what really matters to your best customers and those that have not yet discovered your brand or product.

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(ISBN 978-0-98851795-3-3, 176 pages, paperback with full color illustrations throughout; September 2013)

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