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The Kids Market: Myths & Realities by James U. McNeal

The Kids Market: Myths & Realities by James U. McNeal
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"The Kids Market: Myths & Realities by James U. McNeal"
The classic guide to kids' marketing research
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Author: McNeal, James U.
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A Classic from one of the pioneers in kids market research!

by James U. McNeal

Kids' lives have changed from the  "good old days," but the rules for marketing to them haven't changed. That's because the fundamental nature of kids hasn't changed. They are trusting. If they see a prize in a cereal box that looks like it is 7 inches tall, they expect the prize to be 7 inches tall. If the cereal box says "free software," they think it will be free, not some gimmick to get them to buy something else.

James U. McNeal, one of the pioneers of kids marketing research,  tells you how to avoid the pitfalls. Without a doubt this is one of the classic books available on marketing to kids. Even though some of the data are from the late 1990s, the principles of marketing to kids remain the same.

Called the "godfather of kids marketing," by U.S. News and World Report, James McNeal shares all his knowledge gained from years of experience marketing to kids in this country and in Asia.

This comprehensive book on marketing to kids explains:

  • The size of the kids market--we're talking BILLIONS!
  • How  and when kids become consumers.
  • How children learn about money and brands. Moms and dads have a lot to do with it.
  • What kids like to buy and how much money they have to spend.
  • What kids know about saving money.
  • Kids' influence on family spending.
  • Promotions for marketing to kids--hot buttons and red flags.
  • What kids like to buy and how much money have have.
  • How to create responsible and effective advertising messages when marketing to kids.

    A unique feature of The Kids Market: Myths and Realities is the information about marketing to kids conveyed in dozens of actual drawings by children from the U.S. and Asia. You see actual kids' drawings of their shopping experiences and get a real feel for what it is like to be a child in a big person's world. It's is amazing how much you can learn about marketing to kids from these illustrations when you have a seasoned expert to point out their most interesting elements and share his wisdom.

    (288 pp., with full-color illustrations, hardcover, ISBN 0-9671439-1-8 ; 1999)


    Overview:The Kids Market Grows Up

    1. The Market Potential of the Kids Market
    2. When Do Kids Become Consumers?
    3. Kids Are Better Savers than Their Parents
    4. What Do Kids Buy?
    5. Children's Income:Filling the Piggy-Bank
    6. Little Naggers with Growing Responsibilities
    7. Kids' Influence on Parents' Spending
    8. Tomorrow's Customers Today

    9. Barriers to Understanding the Kids Market
    10. Children's Favorite Stores
    11. What Kids Know About Pricing
    12. Advertising to Children:Pervasive, Perturbing, Propelling
    13. Kid-Targeted Promotions:Why They Work So Well
    14. Public Relations for Kids:Talking Instead of Shouting
    15. Kids' Clubs:A One-to-One Relationship
    16. Kids's Packaging:Overlooking the End User
    17. Brands:Kids' Best Friends
    18. Successful Kids' Products and Services:Satisfying Kids and Their Parents
    19. Researching the Kids Market:Hard Work, Questionable Results
    20. The Kids Market Doesn't End at U.S. Borders



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The Kids Market: Myths & Realities by James U. McNeal
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The Kids Market: Myths & Realities by James U. McNeal
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