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Buying Styles

Buying Styles
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"Buying Styles"
Simple Lessons in Selling the Way Your Customer Buys
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Author: Wilkinson, Michael
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You may have perfected a single selling style over the years, but not all customers buy the same way. There's the one who is willing to meet with you many times but never buys and won't tell you why. The one who relentlessly questions your data and brushes off your pleasantries. The one who is upbeat and fun, but always brings the conversation back to himself. And the one who wants only a short series of bullets, no matter how complex your product.

If you could tailor your approach to best suit each client's buying style, your chances of success would improve dramatically.

Buying Styles shows you how people buy differently and gives you tips and scripts to modify your sales message to best match individual buying preferences. In a brief, easy-to-read format, you'll learn how to:

  • Recognize the behaviors associated with each of the four main buying styles: high-D (drive or dominance); high-I (influence), high-S(steadiness), and high-C (compliance).
  • Look for clues that tell you how your clients like to buy and quickly understand what they mean
  • Know which tactic to take with each client, whether it's to get straight to the point, flood him with data, ask questions to let her sell herself, or keep your pitch personal and unhurried
  • Escape the common trap of selling the way you like to be sold to and tailor your approach to match your customer's buying style
  • Be aware of the natural strengths and weaknesses of your selling style and how it can harmonize or clash with other people's styles
  • Assess the buying styles of your current customer base—as well as  your own style and those of your sales team—and develop new strategies for mroe effectively selling to each customer

Don't lose another big contract or important sale because you can't quite connect with your customer. This insightful book uncovers the selling dos and don'ts for every buying style so you can deliver a powerful, tailored sales approach that brings maximum results.



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