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The 4Cs of Truth in Communications by Isabelle Albanese

The 4Cs of Truth in Communications by Isabelle Albanese
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"The 4Cs of Truth in Communications by Isabelle Albanese"
How to Identify, Discuss, Evaluate and Present Stand-out, Effective Communication
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Author: Albanese, Isabelle
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by  Isabelle Albanese

The ability to communicate clearly and to identify effective communication has never been more important than in our hectic, fragmented world. Fortunately there is a simple approach to creating stand-out communication.

Using the tools of comprehension, credibility, connection, and contagiousness—the 4Cs—author Isabelle Albanese presents a method to make messages hit their intended target, every time. 

Ms. Albanese shares this straightforward, easy-to-apply framework in her new book, The Four Cs of Truth in Communications: How to Identify, Discuss, Evaluate, and Present Stand-Out Effective Communications. The 4Cs quickly provide a “pocket tool” to evaluate the effectiveness of every kind of communication, from positioning concepts to package graphics, from logos to speeches, and even e-mails.

  • Comprehension is the first C. Your message or ad needs to be quickly comprehended by your intended target.  If you have to explain what your ad or marketing message means, it probably will be less effective.
  • Credibility is the second C.  Your brand’s message must make sense to the consumers relative to the way they perceive it.  Consumers are smart and if you serve up a context for thinking about your brand that is completely implausible, you will lose them immediately.
  • Connection is the third C. Consumers need to feel your message; they need to make a personal connection with what you are saying.  They need to viscerally respond, “that’s me!”
  • Contagiousness is the fourth C.  Consumers need to feel energized and motivated to do something based on your message – whether it’s to pass on to their friends and colleagues, to think about your brand in a different way, to find out more information – whatever – they need to act.

Ms. Albanese, a consumer insights professional certified by the Marketing Research Association as a Professional Researcher, developed the 4Cs method to help clients strengthen their internal and external communications and it has drawn rave reviews.

Kelly Gronlund, senior insights manager at Unilever describes it, “The 4Cs approach takes the mystery out of understanding what makes communication effective.  Using her methods helped the team develop communication that was stronger and more effective than when we started.”

Tim Calkins, professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of management says, “The 4Cs framework is startling in its simplicity. That, of course, is the power; it is easy to remember and easy to use.  The 4Cs framework can lead to better creative executions, and better creative executions will lead to stronger business results.”

(132 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-0-9786602-2-2; 2007)

Available for Amazon Kindle readers

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