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Refocusing Focus Groups: A Practical Guide by Robert Morais

Refocusing Focus Groups: A Practical Guide by Robert Morais
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"Refocusing Focus Groups: A Practical Guide by Robert Morais"
A quick, but seriously helpful guide to the best practices for planning, designing, conducting, and interpreting focus groups that draws upon techniques from psychology and anthropology.
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Author: Morais, Robert J.
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Focus groups are the most used and abused qualitative marketing research method.  Refocusing Focus Groups by Robert J. Morais lays out, in simple terms, the best practices for planning, designing, conducting, and interpreting focus groups.  This book draws upon perspectives and techniques from psychology and anthropology, along with decades of the author's and other experts' experience. 

Refocusing Focus Groups will appeal to busy marketing, marketing research, and advertising professionals, students, and to anyone interested in consumer research. 

(160 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-0-9819869-7-5; July 2010)

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Here's what advance readers are saying:

“A practical guide for the practitioner, a primer for the less experienced, and a useful reference for focus group veterans to remind us all how to fully lever the focus group tool.  … a light to illuminate the dark back room and ensure the insights can shine through the shadows of the focus group process.”   

Graham P. Milner, Executive Vice President, Global Innovation, WD-40 Company

“… a valuable gem.  It brings high level theory in anthropology and psychology down to basics, translated into practical advice that a range of researchers can follow.  The author writes from his extensive experience in marketing and advertising, with the anthropologist peeking through.”   

Timothy de Waal Malefyt, Vice President, Director of Cultural Discoveries, BBDO Worldwide

“…clearly and concisely lays out what should and shouldn’t be done… demystifies the focus group and sets it in perspective. Highly readable and very informative.  A must read for those who conduct focus groups, but more important for those who commission them and use the results.”

C. Samuel Craig, Director, Entertainment Media and Technology Program, and Deputy Chair, Marketing Department, Stern School of Business, New York University

“… an invaluable resource for marketers. For too long, focus groups have proceeded along with no one bothering to break them down the way this expert has. (Morais’) insights into what makes a focus group tick, or 'should' make it tick, are dead-on. This book will provide clients and agencies alike with fresh eyes to view not only their consumers, but also what their products and services are truly offering.”

Alan Braunstein, Creative Director, Kaplan Thaler Group

“Thoughtful, funny, but most of all, helpful!  In bringing experience and a keen observational eye to focus groups, Morais shows what continues to make face-to-face focus groups powerful tools and what undermines their ability to shed light.  This volume is a reminder, candidly penned, of the need to pay attention. Required reading.”

Rita Denny and Patricia Sunderland, authors of Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research

“At a time when too much is tested in focus groups and not enough learned, (Morais’) training as an anthropologist gives rise to many good ideas (and reminders for experienced marketers) about how to gain an understanding of the consumer psyche that drives successful advertising.”   

Jeff Shaffer, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Flywheel Accelerated Solutions

“…refreshingly informative without being too preachy or didactic…a must read for anyone involved in qualitative research – from the client, agency, or research fields.”    

Lisa Blumenstein, Strategic Planning Director, Euro RSCG Worldwide

Available for Amazon Kindle readers

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