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Different Rules, by Chris Wirthwein

Different Rules, by Chris Wirthwein
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"Different Rules, by Chris Wirthwein"
The B2B Marketer's Guide to Product Differentiation
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Author: Wirthwein, Chris
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To win in B2B marketing, play by Different Rules 

Ready to differentiate? This book shows you how . . .

Most B2B marketing advice today covers familiar concepts—SEO, PPC, lead generation, digital, social and content marketing. Of course, success depends on how well marketers enhance these tools with original, unique, differentiating ideas. So, the real question becomes: Where can marketers learn the rules for how to create differentiation for B2B products? The answer: Different Rules.

Filled with practical, ready-to-apply lessons, Different Rules reveals tested concepts, real-world examples and an all-new way to differentiate any B2B product in any B2B market. The only guidebook of its kind for B2B, Different Rules delivers both practical ideas and creative inspiration. Step-by-step, it teaches surprisingly simple and potent methods that can build markets, transform industries and power personal success.

Learn the rules: Different Rules. Because in B2B marketing, differentiation rules.

(154 pages, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-941688-76-2; May 2022)

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