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Starting with the Shopper by Scott Young

Starting with the Shopper by Scott Young
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"Starting with the Shopper by Scott Young"
Trends in technology to learn more about shopper behavior, plus insights in how packaging works to attract consumers
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Author: Young, Scott
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In his latest book, Starting with the Shopper, author Scott Young shares insights, case studies and "lessons learned" from thousands of studies conducted by Perception Research Services, a global leader in packaging and shopper marketing research.

Gather many actionable insights on key shopper marketing challenges, including:

•  “Breaking through” within cluttered stores and shelves

•  Making complex brands easily shop-able 

•  Connecting with shoppers on an emotional level

•  Optimizing in-store and on-pack messaging 

•  Facilitating the online shopping experience 

•  Developing effective global packaging

This book will show you what works in store, in home and online and help you understand how best to apply shopper research to drive and measure success.

(136 pages, 7x 9, full-color illustration throughout; 978-1-941688-23-6); 2015

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