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Black STILL Matters in Marketing by Pepper Miller

Black STILL Matters in Marketing by Pepper Miller
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"Black STILL Matters in Marketing by Pepper Miller "
Why Increasing Your Cultural IQ about Black America is Critical to Your Business and Your Brand
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Author: Miller, Pepper
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From bestselling PMP author, Pepper Miller

Learn what makes the Black market unique, why marketers should care, and how you can effectively connect with Black Americans. Drawing on her wealth of experience and on-going research and consulting on the African-American market, Pepper shares thoughtful insights on this influential segment. 

(232 pp., hardcover, ISBN 978-0-9819869-5-1; April 2012)



Introduction: The New Black

Chapter 1: The Profitable “Invisible Middle”

Chapter 2: The Dynamics of Black Consumer Marketing

Chapter 3: Black America Today: It’s Still A Different World

Chapter 4: Black Gold: Finding the Mother Lode Hidden in Plain Sight

Chapter 5: Another Opportunity: Wellness Matters

Chapter 6: Under the Radar: Black Immigrants and Black Biracials by J.P. James

Chapter 7: Under the Radar: The Black LGBT Community by Reginald Osborne

Chapter 8: Under the Radar: Black Men

Chapter 9: Under the Radar: Black Baby Boomers

Chapter 10: Under the Radar: Black Women by Sarah Lattimer

Chapter 11: Under the Radar: Blacks and the Green Movement

Chapter 12: Making a Connection           

Chapter 13: Black Media Matter: Old Rules Don’t Apply by Pepper Miller with Kevin Walker

Chapter 14: Research Must Be Relevant

Chapter 15: Blacks in Advertising Matter

Chapter 16: Why Black Still Matters


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